Reason to License with NatalFit

NatalFit is a medically oriented conception weight to conception weight pregnancy fitness program.

It is program dependent, not trainer dependent. While we understand that every pregnancy is different, the potential medical complications are the same.

Natalfit represents itself as both a fitness program and an education program combined. Pregnant women learn through the program, what is happening with and during their pregnancy and how they can actively participate in their own pregnancy outcomes.

Our proven business model and branding promotes empowerment, strength, determination and most of all intelligence.

NatalFit is an incredible and successful pregnancy physical education program.

It is one of its kind.


How Does Licensing with NatalFit Benefit Your Gym or Organization?

If, as a society we connect with a woman about her lifestyle when she is pregnant, more often than not, she is willing to listen. Why? Because she is carrying the life of her unborn child.

To every woman, there is absolutely nothing that matters more.

They stand to attention and are prepared to learn. So, with NatalFit; they do.

They will absorb the ideologies and missions of your organization as well as well as NatalFit’s. They begin to understand the importance of fitness, nutrition, wellness and self-worth; all of these being facets of your success as well as ours.

These women will start to look into other programs that you offer and will begin to encourage a healthy lifestyle for her family and friends. Most of all, they will be very interested in what programs may be offered at your site for her upcoming role in life; that of, ~ a mommy.

Licensing will benefit your organization because it will represent to your clientele that their health matters to you from the onset of pregnancy going forward. You and they will look at the surrounding community and will become aware that your location is the only venue that supports this very, very Special Population. You need to let your community know about that.


What Does it Take to License with NatalFit?

NatalFit will provide to you its Pregnancy Specific Training Program for a nominal fee (to your selected Accredited Fitness Professionals) at your location(s) who will be employed at that location. Such training will take 2 days and will include audio and visual education classes.

NatalFit’s fitness and intelligence standards will be monitored through periodic visits to your site by a NatalFit Representative on a periodic basis.

Continuing Education classes will be offered on an annual basis to your NatalFit staff.


Your Organization with NatalFit

Becoming a NatalFit Licensee will allow you to use NatalFit’s Trimester to Trimester Pregnancy Fitness Program, logo, business format and coincident Medical Intelligence Lesson Plans.

You agree to promote NatalFit in community, civic and charitable activities.

Active marketing is expected on your part however, NatalFit will issue press releases in your local papers as well as advertise your location on its website and in its monthly newsletters.


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