NATALFit Workout

NatalFit is a medically oriented pregnancy fitness program that goes from conception weight to conception weight.

During the prenatal period, focus is on adhering to the medically recommended weight gain for your particular pregnancy.

Our purpose is to assist you in attaining and keeping a level of fitness that will optimize the outcome of your pregnancy.  The benefits you will enjoy include, more energy, fewer aches and pains, less weight gain and a faster labor.

The pregnancy complications that you may avoid include; gestational diabetes, pregnancy induced hypertension (also known as pre-eclampsia or toxemia of pregnancy) and premature labor.

Please refer to the NatalFit Intelligence tab on the front page of this website for the Statistical Report on the Medical Benefits that Prenatal exercise has on potential complications and side effects of pregnancy.


By using cardio, we can increase the pregnant clients stamina so that in affect, she truly is better able to endure the nine months of pregnancy and when it is time, “Be fit to deliver.”

Strength Training

We apply strength training to our program creating muscle tone and mass allowing the pregnant client to not only look “fitter” even though she is continually getting more and more pregnant but, also to prepare her for the six weeks “down” after the baby is born and her return to the post natal program; in other words, her recovery.


We have (and we must have) endless discussions on nutrition, sleep, hydration and stress.

This is a program. We don’t miss a thing.

How Hard Should We Work?

In 1994, the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology (ACOG) lifted the restriction on intensity and duration for exercise. There was no evidence that a heart rate greater than 140 beats per minute caused harmful effects for the baby.

Many experts now believe it’s best to follow the philosophy of “rate of perceived exertion,” or RPE. This level is different for every woman, based on your level of fitness before pregnancy, your age, and your resting heart rate.
 NatalFit also takes into consideration previous pregnancies, miscarriages or ailments that the pregnant client may be living with. (Disease)

RPE can also be called the Modified Borg Scale. This scale ranges from 1 to 10. When pregnant, you should exercise between level 4 (Somewhat hard) and level 6 (Hard).

Post Natal – Recovery Phase

Once you have had your baby and have received clearance from your doctor to exercise, the focus becomes taking off the “baby weight” within 5 months. This is the post natal and last phase of our program.